Digital Ocean Symposium | Cyber Security

20 MAY 2019 | Hill Dickinson LLP, 20 Primrose Street, London, United Kingdom




The development of new technologies and the process of digitalisation are transforming the maritime domain and industry, demanding an increased reliance on interconnected systems and electronic services (e.g. ECDIS, AIS, and GNSS).


The scale of the impact of innovation remains yet to be fully understood. Accordingly, identifying cyber vulnerabilities and best practices, and implementing sound public-private cooperation and collaborative approaches is a work in progress.


This symposium will provide a unique platform for its participants, representatives from the private sector, governmental entities, and academia, to closely examine key maritime cyber challenges and identify disruptions, attacks, and lessons learned to then be able to get a better understanding and forge the framework of a potential whole-of-government approach.

- Connect with international experts
- Benefit from an efficient structure that maximises knowledge transfer
- Receive a summary after the event (Chatham House Rules)




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